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Free E-book

A collection of
tools and techniques on three major aspects:

  • Emotional release & inner work tools

  • Purification techniques

  • Quantum Field

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Ascension Process

The Ascension Process is about awakenings, soul searching and unbecoming all that you thought you were in order to become one with your True Essence.

It is a process that requires a bit of work and a lot of soul searching but having the right tools & techniques to help you navigate this path is a game changer!

All the tools and techniques gathered on this e-book have brought significant results already to many beautiful souls like yourself, myself included!

Highlights on the "Break-Up Letter" Technique, one I have created myself with my spirit guides. A technique that helps you shift versions of self, in a very effective way!

Time to release energy patterns, shift the energy, transmute the old vibrations and step into your sovereignty!

As always, your True Self &

be True to YourSelf!

Inwards & Onwards,

Elena xx

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