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Energy Update for the New Moon & Solar Eclipse - April 2023

A few days ago, we had a new moon and a sun eclipse at the same time!

What a beautiful rare event, right?

For the last couple of weeks, through all these energies we have been called to face our insecurities and fears in the biggest of the ways so far!

Through the sessions and through my personal experiences... I can easily say it's been challenging and that's the best way I can put it!

I don't need to explain what I have seen through the sessions and the people I have been working with but I will go deeper on my own personal challenges just to give you an idea and will also explain in a very broad way what came up for others too!

The - best in hiding - insecurities have been coming up and what do I mean by that...

What's your biggest fear? Have you acknowledged it? Have you seen it?

You have grown spiritually, matured mentally and emotionally and you now have many tools you use daily or when they are needed!

And then BOOM! The fears and insecurities that were well hidden for a long time, come up on the surface!

And you feel the ground you are walking on shaking and that everything is about to collapse... just like that...!

And all you hear is an inner voice that says "I don't want to be strong anymore, I can't be strong anymore! I've been strong before and what went well? Nothing!" (inner critic and resistance...)

And then another voice responding "Yeah, I don't need to be strong... I just need to be myself! I just need to strong enough to be completely vulnerable, to say this is the best way I can handle this now! To feel the fear, to express my worries, to allow others to know how I feel, to give myself the space to not be strong. To be able to break down and get up again".

And that last voice alone, creates a new path... that even when others see you vulnerable and scared, gives them the opportunity to be just OK with you, to know that it is also OK for them not to be fully OK.

And that alone, creates the space for love and transformation!

Having said that... let me explain more!

My biggest fear is health issues of my extremely close people in my life, and that I won't be able to do much about it.

Or I will miss something that is important... or there will be a mistake that could have prevented the worse scenarios, or I will miss something important that can improve things.

This time, the challenge came through my mum's health. (by the way...many mothers have been challenged with their health lately as the Divine Feminine is going through a transformation and transition from the 3D earth to the 5D earth now).

This fear had also triggered me to step into my path, years ago. That I want to be able to work with energy to help in the healing process.

PAUSE: Do you see how your biggest fear (which is something considered as negative) can trigger you to get into the path of claiming your true potential in a soul level and awaken your innate gifts? This is how the challenges we face, allow us to become who we truly are.

Of course, one of the biggest fears that a healer or a therapist faces, is to have faith and believe that does the best they can do. To keep searching for ways and solutions but with deep, grounded faith and trust! Not out of fear.

There's also that small thing that can change a lot in a healing process... the soul's decision and free will! As healers we can do only one thing... to bring them in alignment with themselves!

Now... going a bit further on this...

My own personal challenges didn't end with my mother's health...

I had also to surrender my desire to be a mother and as I was doing that in a meditative state, I was surrendering to the wisdom of my higher self and the Divine.

I was saying, time to surrender my desire to become a mother. I already have my spiritual children (and children I have had in other lifetimes - we've recognized each other in this lifetime too), I also have my spiritual projects I am bringing into life that serve and support many and I trust in the wisdom of my higher self and all that is meant to be.

That said, I am not cutting off from myself the possibility of having children. I am releasing the deeper emotions and fears around that and accepting the highest of the timelines for my highest good without the need to know or control the outcome.

You see, usually we women, go through a lot of womb healing. It doesn't matter where it comes from (meaning this life or others, or ancestors). It doesn't matter if you have become a mother or not. If something is in our timeline, we have to heal it for reasons we don't understand at the moment. But rest assured that the answers always come, at the right time, for the right reason.

That is the level of trust and faith we have to show up with! And beyond the level of determination to be the best version of yourself at each given moment.

Moving on, to other stuff that came up in general now!

If you feel you are in the state of the void,

if you feel you are dealing with letting go of your dreams (without being sure for what's coming up next),

if you are working on love matters and how to let go of someone specific from your life (because it hasn't worked so far and it's an exhausting back 'n forth process),

if you know deep down inside of you that you can make it work with your special one in your life now,

if you are not satisfied with how life is at the moment and you know there's more to it,

if you are asking questions on how to break through financial barriers,

if you feel you don't know who you are in your true essence

or what you would like to do with your life in general...

There is only one answer I can give you that encompasses everything.

Allow yourself to unbecome everything you thought you were so far.

Trust the divine power within you. It will show you the way.

Even if you feel weak and vulnerable.

Trust even when everything is falling apart. (It usually happens for a good reason although it's f****** painful!)

Ask from your angels and your highest wisdom to help you and support you!

Then follow the breadcrumbs.

Let all the insecurities show up, all the fears and ACKNOWLEDGE them.

I see you, I hear you, I feel you - thank you for showing up now!

Time to let you go.

This way you are bringing the fears and insecurities into the light with the path of the least resistance!

You show up for yourself in the most engaging way, without the need to control or manipulate anything from your own essence!

You just allow, acknowledge, bless and release.

Observe your feelings, observe your thoughts, observe YOURSELF.

And what is coming up is definitely the best compass you can use to unbecome and awaken to your true potential that becomes your new life.

Surrender your fears and insecurities to the highest of the powers that leads you, your higher self!

What I do need to add to this process is this...! Quite crucial and important.

Feel all the emotions... the emotions are a blessing and we are not giving them enough credit!

Allow yourself to be uncomfortably comfortable in the emotions that arise.

Feel the power of that explosion. Claim it as yours.

It is yours.

Don't disown it - we have that tendency when it comes to the emotions that feel negative or hard to process.

Breathe it all in and let it go.

Pause. Take a moment to grieve.

Pause again and breathe in your essence! Not the labels you believe you are!

Breathe in your essence.

And just be.

After this process is done, observe how your life transforms.

Call in the love and support from Mother Earth.

Call in the love and support from your Spirit Guides.

Call in the love and support from the Cosmic Energies.

Call in the love and support from your Soul Tribe, in every plane of existence, either you know them or not.

Call in the love and support from the realm of the living, your friends and inner circle.

Allow yourself to receive all of it, without feeling unworthy of that love and support.

Allow yourself to receive the love and the support!

Give yourself full permission.

I am so specific on this...because as healers and lightworkers we are accustomed to be the givers...

Which makes us not such good receivers...

But the ascension process includes also the balance of your allowance to give and receive in every aspect of yourself.

Applying self-love though, means you are actually open to receive love and support!

Last but not least...

Call in your divine alignment on every level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Bless yourself, pray and have faith.


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