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Energy Update July - August 2023

For the WayShowers that is in resonance for all the changes we are going through!

Just before the Lion's Gate all the changes are here and happening in a multilevel that words don't give much credit to what's truly taking place.

We are detaching from the 3D consciousness and moving to higher than 5D in order to solidify the 5D on earth as soul groups that came here to serve in these times.

That means that we are transmuting everything through our own being.

More details of the transmutation and how we experience it...

  • Loss of identity - you may find yourself asking who are you and it might be difficult to identify an anchor to ground yourself. The best approach is repetitions of "I AM that I AM" which instantly connects you to your higher self and Oversoul

  • Through grief - deep emotions, even hard to identify sometimes that come through as anger or frustration or both. Don't try to engage with them, it won't make logical sense to any level.. Let them come through and go.

  • Loss of control It may feel as you have no control over anything in your life anymore... That's a biproduct of all the previous.

  • Fear of power over Self and not others No need to go deeper on this. It's associated with the loss of control and the loss of identity.

  • Wounded masculine & wounded feminine Things may come up for you from other lifetimes and their association with this one that are connected to the wounded masculine and the wounded feminine. That's because you are letting go of all the old patterns and old identities that are no longer helpful in any way or form.

  • Ancestral healing is taking place at the same time. Remember to ask and receive the support of your loved ones in spirit. Most of the times they are helping us in the background without making themselves known to us.

  • Inner child trauma. You may have memories since you were a child. Suppressed memories and not only negative but also de javu moments you experienced that you couldn't understand or process, insights for the future or even for spirit guides that were there with you but you didn't have anyone to talk to about these things. You may also experience healing connected to the inner child from other lifetimes and that's ok.

  • Feelings of rejection and abuse of any sorts may be coming up to be accepted, acknowledged and released. What is needed in this case is reclaiming of your power that you gifted in the past and new boundaries out of respect to yourself and true love.

All that is connected to the Victim Archetype that we have been processing for a long time as a human kind, as energy workers and first wavers, as the Veil of Remembrance is gradually being brought down, step by step.

What you can use as an anchor is the decree "I AM that I AM", breathwork with colours and just be in the space of receiving yourself.

One more decree that also helps a lot is "I SURRENDER".

This one, is different from any changes we have been through in comparison to the past because we are tapping into new dimensions, grounding higher level of frequency from the 5D, 7D and 10D.

It's a calling to step into your sovereignty, to reclaim inner freedom and to allow these new codes to be copied by others as well. This is what we do as wayshowers.

What follows this post is some light codes with a variety of intentions as you can see the title on the top of each, work that I have been channeling for three weeks in and out for different reasons and people through sessions but also for myself.

May this support you in your path and keep going.

Elena xx


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