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Moments of Truth - Are you rejecting yourself?

If you've noticed, each lightworker that puts in the work, is dealing with a deep wound that applies to the collective as well...

What that means?

For example, if I am dealing with the rejection wound, a big part of the collective is dealing with that too. Others are dealing with the dark and negative energies of magic from the past, some are downloading codes for wealth & abundace, others are clearing heavy trauma in regards to love affairs and so on and so forth.

As you probably know already from yourself... we usually don't work on one thing at a time...! Which makes it a bit more challenging but more helpful in matters of growth, expansion and pace. Apart from that, some stuff are interconnected!

As soul tribes, we have missions that we "solve" energetically together even if we haven't connected in the physical just yet. Our energies are connected and we do support each other, through dreamwork, through our higher selves, through the connections we share from our hearts.

So lately, what I was working on through the last year or so, was the rejection wound from almost every aspect of it. Starting from the core of the wound (disconnection from the divine) to the most insignificant details of it and coming out to the other side of it, of prioritizing myself in every choice I make and allowing myself to receive.

I am putting a closure on that and I wanted to share with you some of the insights that came through!

Rejection has many faces and just to name a few of them...

 ... rejection from the divine - see Adam and Eve / or in a contemporary way: experiencing the lack of support from the universe/ spirit guides, manifestations that didn't come to happen - rejection from higher self etc

 ... rejection within Self which indicates almost everything as it happens consciously and in an unconscious level - that's "self-rejection"

 ... rejection from love partners or potential love partners

 ... rejection from friends and like-minded people

Thoughts crossing the mind:

- nobody gets me: self-victimization (shadow work - shadow victim and enabler)

- I am doing something wrong but what is it again (self torturing thoughts)

- disconnection on every level - human and spirit alike

The most bizarre of all... there was no lack of confidence or worth in the meanwhile. Probably, that's what kept my head above water.

And all these can lead to isolation (for me that translated to "I need to solve this before I go out in the world again!" ), physical illnesses (a huge sign of "time to rest and give some love to yourself homie")....

On the other side of the same coin, rejection has its perks.

  •  It redirects you to your path when you've gone astray.

  • It ends connections that were draining.

  • It gives you back your power when you have gifted it to others around you believing that they know better than you.

  • It allows you to see what truly matters and what not.

  • It helps you appreciate those that put the effort in.

  • It allows you to see aspects of Self and people by removing the blinders you were holding onto so tightly

  • It makes it so much easier to apply boundaries and be happy with that!

  • It takes away any segments of shame or guilt that weren't even yours to start with.

And what was next?! The solution...

  •  Get creative

  •  Move on, don't look back, that's done and over now!

  •  Feel the love, get in the groove

  •  Love your rest - love yourself

  •  A whole new level of self-appreciation

  •  Prioritize yourself on every level...

... even if it means you won't wash the dishes one day,

... even if it means you have to say "no" to many,

... even if it means "you have to take care only of yourself now and from now on let that be your priority",

... even if it means many "friendships" have to come to an end,

... even if it means the only advice you have to take in is yours, if there's any!

... even if it means that many moments come that you say to yourself "I really don't know" and to be fine in that space without feeling lost or unsupported. What an amazing feeling btw!!!

Eye-opening in so many levels, to people and situations, behaviors that were acceptable but they lacked of true respect & appreciation, behaviors that were believed as kind or caring and they were insulting in their wider frame...

If nothing else, self worth got a new level of definition.

Time and energy got to be extra appreciated and not wasted.

Wisdom applied in so many small and everyday things that made a difference on the whole scheme of things.

Truth is spoken with so much ease and grace, way easier than ever before.

Transparency within Self can lead to great transcendence of limitations that lead to the integration of shadow/lower and higher self!

Knowing Thyself takes a lot out of you but gives you back a lot more!!!

P.S. Actual REST - for me - means leaving all the responsibilities - either mine or not - aside and breathing in peace and calmness, breathing my essence and nothing else.

Are YOU resting enough?!

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