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Singing Bowl Meditation

Ascension Online Retreat

Divine Self Alignment (7-9 June 2024)


7-9th of June 2024

A 3-day immersion to your divine self and how to fully align with your spiritual gifts and the next highest version.

It is an online retreat, for 3 days, 3 hours a day to devote yourself, through zoom. 

Replays will be available.


Online, through Zoom

You don't have to be physically there! You are able to participate from the comfort of your own space, all three days and if for any reason, you can't be online, you will receive the replays.

Of course, participating and experiencing the live event will be more beneficial.


Divine Self Alignment

2024 is the year of the fastest evolution we are to experience and that requires alignment and devotion to self and within the self!

The "Divine Self Alignment" Online Retreat is a container that supports you in your personal and spiritual growth.

Reserve your Spot

Early Bird Price

Two options are offered for this experience, at an early bird price!

Diamond Ticket 300€: Book the online retreat

+ an Arya Lha Short Session for personalized guidance & healing

Golden Ticket 340€: Book the online retreat

+ an Arya Lha Short Session for personalized guidance & healing
+ Activation of the 5D Quantum Self (prerecorded)

Girl Running in Field at Sunset

Connection with Self

Remembering your essence, who you are and connecting with this energy of your soul on a deeper level is KEY to everything else! Making choices in alignment with your higher self, is what brings meaning & transformation.


Connection with Spirit

One of the spiritual facts is that you are here for a reason and you are NOT alone. Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, souls aspects of yours are at your disposal! 

Fortune Telling

Spiritual Gifts

Your innate soul gifts are your tools for life, to support navigate your earthly experience and also help you make the best out of it, with contement and joy!

Reserve your Spot

Divine Self Alignment | Ascension Online Retreat
7-9 of June 2024

Diamond Ticket 300

Golden Ticket 340

Spiritual Retreats

The first spiritual retreat, the "Ascension Retreat" took place in October, '23

The Ascension Retreat is about the Connection with Self,

the Connection with Spirit and your Spiritual Gifts.

Learn when the next Spiritual Retreat is happening

Elena the Greek aka Konstantina Bellou

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The retreat was comprehensive with meditation, full sensory exploration, including taste, sound, aroma scent, time with ancient relics of Greece, cultural, Greek feasts, dance, sea side, nature, encouragement of personal development of spiritual gifts, self empowering and also individual sessions which, for me, removed blocks in a powerful way. And so much more. The location of Preveza was perfect. Being off season was also great as there wasn’t the distraction of too many people. Also the beautiful accomodation exceeded my expectations.
We felt nurtured by Elena and very comfortable. Elena background skills are diverse. She is a gifted communicator as well as being Clairvoyant with many abilities such as automatic writing and Healing. Elena’s other innate characteristics are the incredible warmth and compassion of a truly open heart. Coupled with this, there is a fundamental humble attitude. This is a rare trait in the world of Spirituality where inflated ego’s sometimes take over.
Elena is an asset to this polarised world that is gradually transforming. She will help so many people in a gentle, knowledgeable way.
I find it immensely comforting that there is a person like Elena the Greek!

Gayle L., Australia

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