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Light Language Codes Transmissions

I wanted to share a bit about the Light Codes Transmissions, what they are and how to use them!

What are the Light Codes Transmissions?

Light Language stems from our origin as starseeds. I have been channeling intuitively light codes and cosmic codes for about two years and in my latest Udemy courses you will find transmissions sound transmissions as well!

These transmissions have a really high frequency, supporting you on your healing and transformation on many levels and they adjust accordingly to your own unique frequencies.

How to use the Light Codes?

I love channeling these codes using colors and their frequency.

Through the posts on this website or a personalized booked transmission you may have received, this is the best way to receive the energy from the transmissions:

- Observe the lines, symbols, shapes and colors. Follow them with your eyes and feel the energy working on you, through you and for you!

- Meditate with the image of the transmission in your 3rd eye having your eyes closed.

- Meditate with eyes open, looking at the transmissions.

- Use them as you see fit and follow your intuition!

If you booked the service, I am already connected with your energies and the transmission is already taking place. The minute you receive the email, please sit with the drawings and the messages that came through and follow the steps described above to strengthen the energy received!

To receive one of these transmissions, go to the private sessions to find the service.

One of my favorites that came through was about innocense with a strong feeling about the inner child and the connection with cosmos. Sacral and crown chakra!

Light Language Codes - Innocence
Light Language Codes - Innocence

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