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Love, relationships and other drugs...

I have been doing some deeper work with women oriented to intimate relationships and partnerships, supporting them ground the essence of togetherness and partnerships through their divine connection.

What is coming up, is the multilevel connections we share with others.

Most of us, being on this path of connecting with self through spirituality, are learning to connect with self through authenticity, honesty and truth, integrity, love and joy, spiritual connectivity and believe me when I say this... we do all the required shadow work..

Going from past life traumas, to ancestral healing, to this life's events because everything is just energy intertwined in many ways that some times it requires a bit of digging to discover the treasure that is hidden!

Is it easy? No!

Is it worth it? Hell yeah!

Why?! Because you get to rediscover and reconnect with the True You! Self-realization!

That is the biggest quest of every human being, either they are aware of it or not! And yes each one of us, have different ways of going through this process depending on the lessons and the current circumstances.

To the point... Being so "sensitive" in the energies around us, we grow to understand more than what we would like sometimes! Tricky, ha?

Not as much as it looks like! It's all about management!

What are we looking for when it comes to love?

It's simple.

The women I have been working with, which are also a good reflection of myself, are looking for devoted love.

They way they share their love. Reciprocation.

Let me be more specific...

You have feelings for someone. They have feelings back for you. You get more intimate one way or another. The magnet is strong. It's not only physical but also spiritual and a mental connection too.

But this other person also has feelings for someone else. With secret desires or their own agendas as it's usually done.

After growing into a sensitive being, you feel a lot. You also feel the leak in the connection.

Let me clarify this first. It's not about the limiting beliefs of the society and religion to want and desire an exclusive relationship. I respect and see the truth of my fellow spiritual friends that have opened up their intimate connections. I do. I respect their truth and choices. I prefer honesty than seeing the one cheating the other in an unhappy relationship. I fully support that as long as it is in resonance with their personal truth!

For me and the ladies I work with, it is a bit different.

Especially when we know we are regrounding monogamy.

Let me be your voice to explain this more efficiently...

"This is all about devotion, respecting the shared energy we create. Appreciating each other to the level that "your love, your energy, your loyalty, the way you show up, your authenticity, your honesty, your integrity, your sovereignty, your time, your joy, your brilliance" are truly respected.

Being an extremely good psychic and spiritually evolved, makes it harder to be and stay connected with a bunch of people at the same time you are connected with your loved one.

It's not about possessiveness.

It's not about attachments.

Its not about co-dependecy.

It's about respecting myself, as I connect with you, as I love you, as I care for you, as I nurture you.

If you choose to connect with more people, please feel free to keep doing so but I am NOT here to cherish all of you...

I am here to cherish myself through our connection and open up myself to you without others energies in the middle at the same time.

I know how to detach from them, I know you know how you can detach from them..but why complicate life and something so beautiful and divine that much?

Does this complication serve any purpose?

Does it help our connection in any way?

It doesn't help me and consequently it doesn't help our connection.

It may help you though.

Being honest with yourself makes a difference also to me.

I know my boundaries or how far I am willing to go and this is where I draw a line in the sand.

Love is simple... If you don't feel fulfilled enough to be devoted to me then I am not your person.

You are looking for someone else and you are too afraid to admit it to yourself.

Bottom line, this is the way I love myself... By being laser focused on myself, you and our connection.

Not the noise, the needs and the desires others have while connecting with you or even with me.

Not the energy that everyone else can bring on the table... That's only for work time.

That's for fun times when we connect with our friends.

So let me love myself through you in the way I find is right for me and if we are not in the same page with how we love ourselves through our relationship and the connection we share, then feel free to let me know.

You are loved and respected in the way you need it because I already know how to love and respect myself in the way I need it.

If the love you have found within you can also be manifested through me, we are good to go then.

If not, then I am not your person.

I cherish all of me and all of you.

I cherish all of me through you.

I cherish all of you through me.

That's the way I know to self love & unconditionality.

By being laser focused to oneness we create together and by allowing this to expand beyond ourselves.

By being my whole and true self without holding back, without the need to play it safe, to walk on eggshells, to be afraid to express myself. Without finding always the need to heal from something or to change something in me.

And that's the space I create also for you.

The universe within me has to be in full alignment with the universe within you.

Can we do this? Are we in alignment?"

By being my whole and true self without holding back, without the need to play it safe, to walk on eggshells, to be afraid to express myself. Without finding always the need to heal from something or to change something in me.

And that's the space I create also for you.

Communication sets you free... Communicate your love and the way you want to be loved. But first explore it so that you know what you are talking about!

Know Thyself!

Express your feelings without fear or shame, without worry and doubt. Express how the situation makes you feel.

It's not useful to say what the other person does and what they don't. It feels like blame without any purpose...

Say how you feel about what happened and what didn't happen. How do you feel each time you are in a good place? How do you feel each time something goes wrong?

Your person doesn't know how you feel... We are excellent psychics and readers of the body language but when it comes to something we are very close and emotionally connected, things change... So, please express yourselves, your feelings, your thoughts!

It's one more way of how you love yourself in actions through others. Just be your beautiful, vulnerable, graceful self!

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