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Rapid Transformation: What you leave behind you

light portal
Connect with the light portal for allowance of release and grounding your next highest version

Beautiful soul, we are definitely downloading more light, energies, codes and all sorts of beautiful stuff! Being activated in higher frequencies of love and self awareness!

You may be seeing connections falling apart, you may have noticed more agitation from people around you, more confusion than usually but... know & trust that this is part of the process and that love always prevails!

We are going through a rapid transformation and you are called to hold onto to the light in your heart and allow everything else to flow through you without attaching yourself to anything.

As lightworkers (of any shorts), we move tones of energy from the personal and collective field that are connected to guilt and shame. We are removing restrictions and constraints about choices that are linked to self love and appreciation which leads to sovereignty.

That translates to extra work on the lower chakras in order to achieve a deeper connection with earth and self, stability and safety but also a great expansion of the higher chakras!

The message that is coming through for you, is to remind you that you came here to BE your beautiful self, to CREATE everything you desire and through that everyone else is benefited as well, to ENJOY life and have fun as you are "being", "creating" and RECEIVING.

Anything else, comes and goes, but your desire and your spark is what gets stronger by being devoted to happiness and fulfilment...!

And guess what... it is contagious!

Spread the word and trust the process!

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