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Stay Devoted!

After an incredible Full Wolf Moon with loads of emotions released, loads of challenges and a need of extra rest, the energy is gradually shifting!

Hope you took advantage of it, for your help and support on the path you are!

Time for some playfulness to get excited for the unexpected blessigns ahead of you!

Many manifestations you have been working for some time are about to take place in the physical and you have worked really hard for it!

Make sure you dettach from the human way of thinking in regards to time frames because this will offer a different kind of flexibility and a different setting of divine timing!

New spiritual gifts are opening up to individuals around the globe! Bring the childness in to explore these gifts and to feel comfortable with them until you master them!

Ask and you shall receive.

Trust and have faith and you have already received.

But most of all... "Be true to yourself and be your True Self"

Stay devoted to your self.

Inwards & Onwards,

Elena the Greek

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